Capacity List

Laser cutting

The Unifabs Fabrication Centre is superbly equipped with state of the art technology to design and deliver your unique metal solutions. We hold Quality Accreditation ISO 9001:2015 and have highly-skilled, trained team members on staff to assist in the operation of our specialist equipment that includes the following:


35,000 sq ft of manufacturing facilities
4 x fork lift trucks
2 x 7.5t Lorry 1 x 3.5t van

3D Design

10 x Solidworks 2017 3D

CNC Punching / Laser Cutting

Amada FOL-AJ 4KW Fibre Laser with ASLUL loading system
Amada Punch Laser Combination (EML3610NT 4KW) with MP 6t loading system with tapping head
Amada Automated Punching (AE2510 NT) with SheetCAT loading system
Amada Togu III Auto Tool grinding

Press Brakes / CNC Folding

1 x Amada HFE 3I 2M Press Brake (50t)
2 x Amada HFP 100x30NT 3M Press brake (100t)
1 x Amada HFP 170x40NT 4M Press brake (170t)

General Fabrication

MIG/TIG welding facilities (20 Welding Stations)


Automating sawing

Assembly facilities

Pemserter Series 4

Quality Accreditation

ISO 9001:2015

Unifabs capacity
Unifabs capacity
Unifabs capacity

We provide a complete service from design to delivery

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